Holy Mass resumes from 3.12.20 – you’ll need to book places for Sunday’s 10.00am Mass!

We are delighted that we are able to re-open for Holy Mass and Confessions. We are in Tier 3 so all Covid-19 restrictions remain in place. Please read the following carefully:


Places at 10am Sunday Mass need to be reserved. To enable this we have created a dedicated ‘text hotline’.  Should you wish to make a booking please send a text message to: 07946713007 .

Please give your name, and the number of people that you wish to reserve seats for.  Please also indicate whether or not any group members are part of the same household. You will be sent a confirmatory text stating that your request has been recorded and giving you your seat number(s). You can use this service to reserve seats for any Sunday 10am Mass during the current month.  (Those people who arrange to have a monthly reservation will keep the same seat number for the duration of the month.) 

Your details will be kept for the track and trace purposes for 21 days and then deleted.

Should you not have the facility to send a text, please send an email to doncaster@catholicweb.com

If you are unable to send either a text or email, and have no one able to do this on your behalf, then please ring the Presbytery landline. However, it is requested that you please use this as the last resort.

Note from Fr. Darren: In recent weeks we have been very close to full capacity at the 10am Mass on Sunday mornings. I am delighted that we are having this problem. If we do find our capacity reached and we have to close the door there will be another Mass celebrated after the 10am Mass for those unable to enter. Therefore please reserve a place should you wish to attend this Mass. The ‘cut off’ time for reservations is 12noon on Saturday. Also, should you have a place reserved and realise that you will be unable to attend please let us know, as this will enable another place to be made available.

Please be aware that at present there are plenty of spaces at the 6pm Mass on Sundays, as well as at the Weekday Masses.

It is obligatory to wear a Mask at Church, We must remember that the corona virus has not gone away. Please when wearing masks do your best to make sure that your nose and mouth are covered.

If you have an exemption due to a health reason, please do not feel guilty about not wearing a mask.

Please follow the guidance of our fantastic volunteer stewards who will remind you to sanitise on entry and ask for your contact details for contact tracing purposes. These details are kept securely and are destroyed after 21 days.

****If you do not have a reservation, please attend a different Mass time – there is 11.15am & 6pm Mass in English on Sundays and several Masses over the weekend in English and Polish. Remember that the Sunday obligation is suspended!****

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