Ask Not What Your Church Can Do For You…

The Church is not the buildings. The Church is the people of God called out to worship the Lord and spread the Good News of the Kingdom.  We are all called to work in “The Vineyard of the Lord”.

A few months ago some parishioners came together to form a Parish Council.  They have been working with Fr. Darren on a number of issues from the physical plant to the spiritual needs of the parish.

But we need more help.  Is there something you can do?  Pray to God for direction.  Then let us know in which ways you would like to help.  God Bless You!



If there is some way you would like to help, feel free to email us as

Maridon Bookshop: It is hoped that we will soon be in a position to open the new shop in the Town Centre. However, unlike the previous shop, which was part of the old Maridon Centre, the new one will have a significant monthly rental cost to the Parish. Therefore the shop must generate a reasonable income. To do this its opening hours will need to be extended from those of the past. The shop will only survive if there are sufficient numbers of volunteers to assist.  So please consider becoming a volunteer worker at the new Maridon Bookshop. We require a team of people who are able to regularly offer their services for one day, or half a day each week. This can be a wonderful ministry of witness. For further details speak to Fr. Darren.  23/06/2019

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