Social Committee Events _ On-Line Quizzing

Thank you to all those who supported our recent the Beetle Drive last week. It was good fun & £90 was raised towards the hall refurbishment. The Fun Bingo/Pie & Pea Evening will now be held on Saturday 22nd June. Tickets are £5 each & are on sale from today. Donations for prizes, including ‘silly’ items – anything from a toilet brush to a feather duster – will be very much appreciated. A box will be available from  Sunday 2nd June.

On-Line Quizzes

During covid19 ‘lockdowns’ and the restrictions imposed on social gatherings many planned events have had to be postponed.

However the Social Committee has been hosting and continues to host a weekly on-line Quiz. Quizzes are held weeky via Zoom on Thursdays at 3pm, followed by the Friday of the following week at 8pm. The quizzes are light hearted and are an opportunity for an enjoyable friendly get together. If you wish to join the group please email the Parish on, with a heading ‘Quiz’ and we will send you details including a link to the next quiz. Everyone is welcome.

The Quiz taking a breakover the Summer. It may return as we get into Autumn/Winter.