Parish Groups

St Peter’s is an active parish with a number of associated activity groups; all focusing on giving witness of our faith to the wider community. These include:-


      More than twenty years ago, Fr. Harney suggested that there were parishioners who might appreciate having the opportunity to meet and socialise with others – and so a ‘Friendship Group’ was established. For years the Group met at the Maridon Centre. Pat Mulligan and Nellie Lawson were founder members, they invited others to join and spread the word about the existence of the group. Numbers gradually grew.   Since the closure of Maridon; the Friendship Group meets in the Abberton Room, off the Parish Hall, each Thursday morning. Officially, the group activities begin at 11:30a.m., but people start to ‘drift in’ from just after 11:00a.m.

Members play bingo, enjoy a chat and a drink of tea or coffee, have a raffle and plan day out in the summer. They each pay a small subscription to provide funds to subsidise days out. Over the years membership has changed, and those who currently meet extend a warm welcome to anyone who would like to join them. If you would like to know more about this group, either come along one Thursday morning or contact Glenys Hoskin: 0791 030 9312.

For those without their own transport the 58 bus stops outside Church. It leaves platform B3 at the Interchange at 5 minutes and 35 minutes past each hour.



 “The Union of Catholic Mothers, (U.C.M.), is a national organisation of Catholic women. It is open to all women who support our aims and objectives in prayer, love and active witness to marriage, family and Christian life in the world. We pray for vocations and religious life.    St Peter’s foundation has been in existence for over 42 years. We meet regularly in the Abberton Room on Thursday evenings at 7.3opm fortnightly, if we have anything to decide or business to discuss. We always take a vote on any decisions.    We join with other Foundations within the Diocese and attend Diocesan and national meetings.

We take part in and organise Parish events and activities to raise money for the Parish and charities.     We visit sick members in their homes and in hospitals and run errands for them.”



    Led by two team leaders, Little Church is a jolly group of youngsters who meet in the Abberton Room every Sunday, in term time during morning Mass, to delight in the Gospel of Jesus. We pray together, complete activities based on the Sunday Gospel and enjoy preparing and sharing with each other Gospel-based drama.   Thanks to the generous donations of parishioners and to our own fund raising, we hope to integrate musical activities to our own weekly worship and work towards leading a youth Mass once or twice a year.

We also hope to become helpers of the elderly by visiting and taking small gifts to parishioners in hospital and at home.  We welcome youngsters of all ages, but ask that children under 5 are accompanied by a parent. If there are any young people in the Parish who would like to find out more about what we do, they would be most welcome to come along. We are especially interested in creating a youth group for teens.



In the late 2000’s when theShrine of Our Lady of Doncaster was refurbished, and the associated ‘Sacred Garden’ developed group of ‘Shrine Guardians’ was established. They have a responsibility to maintain the shrine and garden, to further the Shrine’s national recognition, to receive pilgrim groups, to organise pilgrimages to other places and to assist in the annual celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Doncaster, which is celebrated on 4th of June. The Guardians meet occasionally to discuss, plan and coordinate these activities. If you would like to the join the Guardians please see Fr. Darren.