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Christmas Dinner for the Homeless and Vulnerable

Christmas Dinner for the Homeless - An Appeal on Behalf of 'Churches Together in Centre Doncaster'

"For the 16th year running the C.T.I.C.D. Homeless Group are providing a hot dinner for those who are sleeping out on the streets so that none our Lords family will be overlooked on Christmas Day. It is really worrying, being that the two homeless shelters are full and coupled with a severe lack of accommodation in Doncaster, there are currently between 30 and 40 folks who are sleeping rough at this time in our city centre. Although precise arrangements are still being finalised the dinner is to be served at Chequer Road Baptist Church supported by St Peter in Chains across the road and we will be making sure that everyone who comes has a great time and gets a hot Christmas dinner, a food parcel and presents on Christmas Day. We also hope to be able to collect sufficient "£5 Gregg's" meal vouchers (as we've done previously) to continue to feed these folks (on the 2 days of the week when there is no other food provision for them) over the rest of the winter period.

As we were overwhelmed by your generosity last year we still have sufficient stock of some of the items we want to put in the clothing and toiletries presents but we need: -

  • Presents (please don't wrap as we like to give everyone similar contents)

  • General: Soap boxes - Toilet bags (about 9" draw string) - Large & small wipes - Hand sanitiser gel

  • Gents: Socks - Boxer shorts (medium) - Shaving foam - Disposable razors - Combs

  • Ladies: Socks - Pants (medium) - Scarves - Sanitary products - Small hairbrushes - Perfumed sprays

  • Food: individually wrapped chocolate sandwich biscuits (ie. clubs, penguins, etc, mince pies, small cakes, tarts and crisps.

  • Donations: to purchase food, presents and party items or for the £5 "Greggs" meal vouchers we are appealing for (unless you purchase these yourself).

Everything whether on the list or not will be much appreciated. Whilst writing, to enable Riverside Outreach Team to keep in touch with those sleeping rough, could I also appeal for any old mobile phones you no longer want.

Please leave any contributions at St Peter in Chains Presbytery, or at your Church for collection by Monday 18th December at the latest.

Have a wonderful Christmas, George (On behalf of the C. T.I.C. D Homeless Group)


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