Full Closure of Catholic Churches

Following the Prime Minister’s historic announcement on 23 March, strengthening restrictions in an attempt to combat the spread of COVID-19, Catholic Churches are closed to the public at this time.

More Information can be found here:

Parish Collections

For several weeks we have not had any Sunday Masses, and therefore no Sunday Collections.

We have also lost income from our car park.

However, at the same time a number of people have given to the Parish by putting envelopes through the Presbytery front door. Others are saving their envelopes until we are allowed to reopen. Alongside this many people give their weekly offering to the Parish as a weekly standing order.

To everyone concerned, ‘Thank you’!

If anyone would like to pay to the Parish by standing order, please contact the Parish by telephone or email, and the necessary details for giving by standing order will be posted out to you.

Investigations are being made into ways in which people can contribute through the paying online.

Hopefully during the next week details of this will be provided.

The Parish needs your support more than ever. Last week a bill from the water company was received of £4,100. This is being investigated, but it may well be because of the leak beneath the Church that happened before Christmas. I am hoping to appeal for a reduction of this bill,

but it is a reminder that we are facing some tough times.

But make no mistake the Lord is with us!

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