Maridon Bookshop

It is with regret that we have had to cancel the lease on the premises on Wood Street and as a result close the Maridon Bookshop:

Due to the effects of covid19 the shop has remained closed to comply with government regulations and our safety concerns for customers and staff. During this time the shop was generating no income but rent and other bills continued to be payable. We sought to extend the  ‘break clause’ in our leasing contract with the landlords which they weren’t willing to accept. In the circumstances our only option was  to cancel the lease agreement and close the shop. The stock will be transfered to St Peter’s and the possibility of operating the bookshop from the Parish Hall is to be investigated along with outreach to the various deanery churches.

We express our gratitude and thanks to all of the volunteers, in particular Margaret the shops manageress, who over many years have staffed the shop. Also thankyou to all who have suppoerted the shop as customers. Hopefully we will soon be able to provide you with religious books, cards and gifts etc. again in the not too distant future!

Above NOTICE DATED 25/07/2020

The Maridon Bookshop is being relocated yet again. This time to a more secure site – the Parish Hall at St Peter’s! A few finishing touches remain to be completed, and then the opening times will be announced. Due to the continued Covid 19 situation we will have to carefully control the operation of the new shop. However be assured it willstill provide you with a good range of religious items, cards and books etc, as before.

Above NOTICE DATED 11/10/2020

Fr Darren Reid and all of the staff  looking forward to welcoming customers old and new, when the new Maridon Bookshop re-opened on Tuesday 3rd September 2019 at 5 Wood Street, Doncaster.

Many thanks to all who were involved in preparing for the big day! Lots of work and effort went into this. The shop was  a valuable resource; and kept a Catholic witness in our town.